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Carelyn Hales acts as a Medium and Facilitator between a large group of Archangels and you.

She is an Advocate for you with them, helps connect you with them, to receive assistance in your life. In Carelyn’s Healing Sessions, you will receive direct help from the Archangels, to Clear, Heal and Manifest on all levels, in all aspects of your life, for your Highest and Greatest good.


Image of Carelyn Hales: she works with the Archangels for you, as 'Archangel Intervention'.


Carelyn Hales and the Archangels are available for individual sessions now!


I had suffered with migraine headaches since childhood. After one Session with Carelyn and the Archangels one year ago, my headaches were cleared, and I have not suffered with one since!"

Denise P. Peachland, BC

Carelyn and the Archangels can work on:

  Image with 2 central Archangels with spokes of intention radiating out towards Life blessings and challenges they can work on for you. Archangel Intervention, Victoria, BC Canada  

Image with 2 central Archangels, sending spokes of intention radiating out towards Life blessings and challenges they can work on for you. Archangel Intervention, Victoria, BC Canada. The life areas depicted are: Excellent Health, Wealth and Prosperity, Building Self-Esteem and Personal Power, Overcoming Grief and Loss, Awakening and Enhancing Awareness of Spirit, Building Excellent Relationships, Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety.



These Archangel Intervention Sessions are profoundly and deeply healing for me. My chief wants and concerns were notably addressed. I have changed with this deep and permanent healing."

Dr. Dennis L. ND. Bellingham, WA





Carelyn and the Archangels offer 2 types of Individual Session:

  Image: 1 arrow of light, branching out to 2 arrows.   A fork of light arrows.  




  Here the Archangels work on one or two specific areas that you choose as most important for you. They will immediately begin to cut through obstacles holding you back in those life areas.  

They can also work to:


Clear and Balance your body energy centers


Clear your ingrained negative beliefs


Balance your Core Beliefs


Release your Blocked Emotions


Ease Astrological Planetary Transits


Clear old ancestral negative patterning

This type of session is suitable for improving one or two problem areas in your life, where you'd like to finally clear those issues aside, and move forward. Investment is $150.


Here the Archangels perform many of the same actions as in the 'Focused' session, plus major additional work, including:




Clearing that negative past karma which is most affecting your current life. Stop constantly "struggling against circumstance"
Removing negative entities and interfering energies from your space and life.
Any other heavy work required to free you to move forward.
  This type of session is suitable when you have a severe challenge in a primary life area, such as health, relationship, financial, or similar. Because of the magnitude of this work, Investment is $250.  



For either type of Arch Angel Session:

  After you send in your information and intentions, the Archangels begin work on your issues immediately. Carelyn determines when the Archangels will complete all your chosen work, and will schedule a 1 hour telephone follow-up with you for some time after completion is due. (This way, more time can be spent on explanations, questions and answers for you.) At the scheduled time, Carelyn will call you for the follow-up. She'll record the call, and will email you the link to download the audio recording.  



   I have been in the Holistic field for over 20 years full time, and hold many certifications including DNM (Doctor of Natural Medicine).     I believe she has been gifted by God, to have communication with the ArchAngels, and to act as a mediator for us.   I pray for many Blessings for Carelyn Hales and her supportive husband Rob."    Sincerely,    

   Kathy Deane, D.N.M. Lumby, BC    





I just wanted to write and tell you I had a great, great time on the call yesterday. I had a wonderful feeling of peacefulness throughout. I could feel that my concerns and blockages were being addressed and moved out by the Archangels. As I went to sleep last night, I could see the Archangels covering me with their wings in a gesture of total protection, love, and bliss, as they continued the healing work that was begun during the call. Thanks so much for a very powerful healing session. I feel renewed and optimistic about the future." Blessings,

Julie S. Fredericksburg, Virginia

Image: radio-style  microphone suitable for radio interview with Carelyn Hales and Arch angel intervention.

(Excerpts from BlogTalk Radio Interview)

What listeners can expect from an

Telephone or online_healing:

Experience a 10 minute

ArchAngel Intervention healing!

Carelyn's Full interview on BlogTalkRadio with host Peter Tongue.

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The pure love and energy that radiates from Carelyn is powerful. I was moved to tears by the wonderful healing energy she projected. Her gift is truly amazing. I enjoyed such a place of bliss I could have easily gone on much longer.”

Wendy Chesney,

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist, Calgary Alta.




Carelyn has this amazing relationship with the arch angels. She allows them to work through her to clear energies that are interfering with our well being. Her intention is pure. Her purpose is divine. It is a joy to know her."

Marguerite J., Ferndale, WA.
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